About XM Hawaii

XM Hawaii is a digital print consulting company located in Honolulu. I started the business in mid-2011 with a goal to help clients find solutions to their not-so-easy-to-solve printing problems. I had previously worked for Xerox selling copiers and printers with some software sales. In March 2009 Xerox discontinued equipment sales of one of the fastest growing and to me, the most interesting, market segments; wide-format copiers and printers. This included full-color roll-fed devices used for indoor and outdoor signage and black-only cut sheet and roll-fed devices used for engineering and architectural purposes.

Bradley Nixon

Xerox’ offerings had delivered the best value for customers, especially in Hawaii where on-site service is crucial and where operating supplies can be time-consuming and expensive to get.

For engineering and architectural applications I felt that the biggest un-met need was in the low-to-mid volume marketplace.  High-end engineering copiers were available from other vendors on Oahu, but the vast majority of need was in the lower print volumes.  I also understood that the future of this print space would include full-color.   The best printing solution for these technical documents is delivered by Epson with their newly introduced T-Series (Technical-Series) printers.   Epson’s T-Series delivers amazing cost efficiencies with the highest quality print output.  Spicers Paper was authorized by Epson to sell T-Series in April, 2014.  Excellent on-site service on the T-Series is provided locally (Oahu, Maui and the Big Island) by Epson factory-trained service technicians.

Completing the equation was the addition of Contex wide format scanners and scanning software.  Contex is the marketplace leader in wide format scanning with solutions ranging from 24″ to 54″.  Their software solutions are designed to integrate Epson’s T-Series printers with the scanners so that the user has the copying and scanning functionality in addition to printing.  Their innovative systems include the option of a stand mounting the scanner over the printer and control by a 17″ touch screen LCD!  Spicers does not sell the Contex line and so these products are sold directly by me via XM Hawaii.