Your personalized MFP solution

SD One MF is a new concept in MFP solutions. Centered around you, every user has a unique personal profile with their preferences stored, allowing you to email or save to your preferred folder or personal Cloud in just one step.


SD One MF fully integrates with all major printer brands, giving you the flexibility to link this powerful scanner with your choice of printer.

Move beyond your printer

With an onboard touchscreen tablet, you can mark-up and share without ever printing your files.

Cost recovery

Perfect for situations where you need to allocate costs, SD One MF has integrated print management software, allowing you to track the cost of every scan, copy or print.

Works with your IT infrastructure

SD One MF provides everything you need from a fully equipped scanning solution, ready to integrate easily into your IT infrastructure. Suitable for all environments, you can pair this with the computer of your choice so it fits in seamlessly.

What’s included?

Choose the perfect solution to meet your needs.

• Scanner (24”, 36” or 44″ model)
• 2 m Ethernet cable
• External power supply
• Installation guide
• Calibration poster
• Calibration sheet and cleaning cloth

SD One MF: User centered MFP system.